About Kato Inowe photography

Kato Inowe is a young mexican/brazilian freelance photographer, who specialize in documentary and travel photography. 


In 1984 Kato Inowe was born into a life of constant change. Having spent his childhood moving from the surf of the pacific mexican coast to the streets of Brazil and later on to the more wealthy border town of Ensenada, he belongs nowhere and everywhere. Throughout his years in Ensenada he developed and nourished his photography interest and after giving up his university studies in 2008 he is now full time dedicated photographer and traveller.  


Kato Inowe uses his multi cultural background in his ways of approaching his subjects, both practically and theoretically. Together with a fearless attitude and creative mind he seeks to capture moments of beauty everywhere, from the streets that we walk every day to corners of the world most people never heard about. Using cultural, environmental and social aspects in his photography, Kato brows the Latin American society and landscape, portraying its true richness.